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Cow Farming

Cow Farming

The company is engaged in Cow Farming and rearing best breeds of cow. We rear different breeds of cow such as Sahiwal, Gir, Karan Frie, Tharparkar, Rad Sindhi, and Jarsey. Our professionals ensure proper hygiene and optimum conditions in the farm. Our cows are of excellent breed and are known to produce high quality and quantity of milk. With our Cow Farming, we are catering to commercial needs of various industries and also provide Cows for farming purposes.

Breeds of Cows

  • Sahiwal :
    • Mainly found in Punjab, Haryana, U.P, Delhi, Bihar and M.P
    • Milk yield
      • Under village condition: 1350 kgs
      • In commercial farms: 2100 kgs
    • Age at first calving -32-36 months
    • Calving interval â�� 15 month
  • Gir :
    • Mainly found in Gir forest areas of South Kathiawar
    • Milk yield
      • Under village condition : 900 kgs
      • Under commercial farms: 1600 kgs
  • Karan Frie was developed by artificially inseminating the Tharparkar cow breed found in Rajasthan with Holstein Friesian bulls. The Tharparkar cows, though average producers of milk, are highly valued for their ability to withstand hot and humid climate
  • Tharparkar
    • Mainly found in Jodhpur, Kutch and Jaisalmer
    • Milk yield
      • Under village condition: 1660 kgs
      • Under commercial farms: 2500 kgs
  • Rad Sindhi
    • Mainly available in Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Orissa
    • Milk yield
      • Under village condition: 1100 kgs
      • Under commercial farms: 1900 kgs
  • Jarsey
    • Age at first calving: 26-30 months
    • Intercalving : 13-14 months
    • Milk yield : 5000-8000 kgs
    • Dairy milk yield is found to be 20 L whereas cross breed jersey cow gives 8-10 L per day
    • In India, this breed has acclimatized well especially in the hot and humid areas

Additional Information

  • Minimum Order Quatity : 10
  • Delivery Time : 15-25 days

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